Entrepreneur and winner at the Monza Rally Show 2017, who Corrado Pinzano is?


The winner of the Monza Rally Show, Super 2000 class, is a driver of Biella. His name is Corrado Pinzano and Max Application is among the sponsors of his team.

The relationship between our software house and Pinzano was born in the professional field. Corrado is an entrepreneur in the automotive sector. Max Application takes care of some sales technologies and services management of ConformGest, the family company.

The victory in Monza offers us the opportunity to have a talk with the pilot about his work and passions.


What role does the technological system play in a service company such as ConformGest?

ConformGest offers warranty services around the sale of vehicles. All our conventional guarantees include the management of the guarantee of conformity on bodies not covered by them, in the name and on behalf of the seller.

ConformGest today ranks in Italy in first place in the sector for the quality of service offered and in second place in terms of turnover.

Through technological systems we monitor every phase of management of the contractual aspects, the state of coverage of the vehicles and the administrative aspects related to a large quantity of vehicles.


Which of your needs prompted you to invest in the development of customized software?

The relationship with Max Application dates back to the first steps of our company, in 2008, with the acquisition of management software adapted to our specific needs at the time.

The growth of the sales network and the spread of the service soon imposed the need for a work tool dedicated to monitoring the areas of competence. Thus was born an app for agents, to be consulted on PC and mobile, which accelerated the time required to manage relationships with dealers in the automotive sector.

We understood that dealers also needed technologies suitable for managing guarantees. An online system for activating guarantees and any third party insurance coverage was developed for them.


Together we are working on an operational corporate dashboard. What is it about?

It is a web platform that will allow us to monitor the activities of each ConformGest department in a single screen.

The data extrapolated from the individual systems – simultaneously comparable – will facilitate the understanding of the overall corporate performance status.

In-depth analysis of each individual parameter will also be immediate.


As an entrepreneur, how do you judge the presence of IT tools in the production and service delivery processes?

Basic. Without technology there is no control: times are longer and quality is compromised. But technology does not replace the strategic role of the entrepreneur: he is the only one who knows the objectives and the shortest path to get there. His experience and intuition will determine the guidelines for the development of the necessary tools.


What professional values derive from the experiences gained from the automotive passion?

Getting to the finish line and winning are experiences that develop an awareness of the value of the results. Without sacrifice, without an overview, without attention to detail, there is no victory. It would only be luck.